The Future Encroaching on The Present

Between the 1840’s and 1920 immense technological change brought about innovation in the U.S., but it also brought about massive confusion for much of the population. Sure things like the Railroad and Telegraph made connecting to others easier, but technology was advancing at such a rate that many people struggled to keep up with it.

I think that the invention of electricity shifted humans lives so rapidly that it created temporary disorder. Prior to electric light humans operated around the sun and once the sun was down not much occurred because what you could do in the dark was severely handicapped by candle light. In the course of a few years, people’s daily activities are shifted because they can now work or enjoy leisure activities at night that could previously only be done during the day. The invention of electricity creates a paradigm shift in society and would almost cause a sense of paralysis initially. The way in which people viewed the day completely shifts and while electricity does allow for more possibilities it also changes peoples schedule. It is tough to go from having your life completely centered around the sun to having light at will. Electric light creates a sense of confusion for many individuals as they now feel lost in the disorder.

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